TTP: English magazine: reviving the Caliphate-issue 1

TTP: English magazine: reviving the Caliphate-issue 1 (in English/Urdu/Pashto/Arabic) With the grace of Allah SWT, our first English ******** magazine has been launched. Ihyae khilafat is the media wing of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaat-Ul-Ahrar, a nascent group formed after the restructuring of Pakistani Taliban Mujahideen. In the ongoing conflict between Kufr and Islam, people of the… Read More »

A Message to America: an anticipation of events to come – Video: ISIS Airlines

إصدار :: رسالة إلى أمريكا – A Message to America : ( إستشراف للأحداث القادمة بإذن الله ) Message to America – A Message to America: (an anticipation of events to come, God willing America now is to follow the gradient in the manner of friction Islamic state and has a reason: Through versions that… Read More »

The Islamic State Office of health regarding prescription prices, Statement

The Islamic State Office of health. In the name of God the merciful The Islamic Caliphate state/province of Nineveh/driven connector: Given the realities of some low-income Muslims from tight in case material and poor families and families the brothers in the Islamic State after work to help those Muslims are open centres of Zakat and… Read More »