Lessons We Have Learned from the Tiny House Movement

Tiny houses have risen to fame as a direct product of social media frenzy, rising real estate prices in the urban metropolises and the financial crisis where thousands lost their homes. The trend is not slowing down as more and more areas in the US are approving tiny-friendly regulation and creating communities that are focused around tiny homes. So what have we learned so far from the tiny house movement?

Beware of Mortgage Debt

Thousands of people were burned by their mortgage debts during and after the fallout of the Financial Crisis of 2009. Many have lost their homes or seen family and friends go through the same ordeal tiny houses for sale in nc. Millennials are currently swimming in a very volatile job market and are finding it impossible to afford regular-sized housing in the urban areas where most of the jobs are located. No wonder they are turning to tiny houses as a solution to their housing needs. The idea of living mortgage-free and having more disposable income for socializing, travel and entertainment is something that is a huge motivator for millennials.

Green Living and Off-The-Grid Houses are a Reality Now

We are all witnessing the devastating effects of global warming and the deteriorating air quality and living standard in major metropolitan areas has created a need for a more sustainable living model. Tiny houses are at the forefront of this revolution, as they are often built using recycled and salvaged materials but they are also utilizing modern natural materials that provide superior insulation and structural integrity. Combined with huge inroads that have been made in the renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind-powered generators, tiny houses now provide a viable solution to off-the-grid living and a sustainable living model in both urban and rural areas. Potential house owners that are looking for a way to lower their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle have noticed and they are the early adopters of tiny houses.

New Business Opportunities Arise

With the demand for tiny houses skyrocketing, new businesses and startup related to the housing downsizing trend are popping up. Companies specializing in customized and multifunctional furniture are designing new products that are both functional and space-saving. Construction companies that specialize in mobile and fixed tiny homes are popping up, with more than 1000 already specializing in the field currently working in the US. Appliance manufacturers are following the trends with products intended for downsized living. Combined washer and dryer units, micro kitchens, folding and pop up entertainment centers are just some of the products that have become a mainstay in most appliance makers’ product lines.

Social Effects Are Evident

Tiny house owners have reported improved social life and higher life satisfaction than the owners of regular-sized housing. With more discretionary income available for activities, hobbies, travel and socializing, tiny home owners are living more active and engaged lifestyles and tend to be happier with their life. Tiny houses have also shown to promote closer family relations and improved communication. Living in such close quarters tends to bring up problems and issues to the surface quicker, so they can be resolved quicker, rather than let to fester and become toxic in the long term.

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