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Kenya : Al Shabab Militants warn Kenya
Posted by Admin on 2009/10/10 14:25:09 (2742 reads) News by the same author



By Shafi'i Mohyaddin Abokar

Mogadishu, Oct 10 (Kashmir Watch): The Somali Islamist Rebel Group with Ties to Al-qaeda Al-shabab on Saturday said they will attack targets in Kenya, accusing Kenyan government of helping recruit young Somali men to fight against them.

The group's governor of Gedo region bordering Kenya Sheik Da'ud Mohamed Garane who talked to reporters on Saturday said that his fighters will launch attacks on targets in the neighboring Kenya if it doesn’t stop training young men of Somali origin in its territories.

"We have gathered evidences and reliable in formation that Kenya is giving training and military equipment to Somali men who are being prepared to attack our positions and we will prevent that to happen" the Islamist governor said.

"We were living in peace with Kenya, but it seems that Kenya is against this, so we tell them to be ready for war with us instead of living peace together" he accentuated during address to crowds of people in the town of Bardhere in the Gedo region on Saturday.

His warning comes hours after Somali government information minister denied any troop recruitment in areas along the border between Kenya and Somalia.

The militant group Al-shabab which is on the US list of terror organizations is said to be Al-qaeda's proxy in the horn of Africa region and has been at war with Somalia's world-backed government and AU peacekeepers in Mogadishu.

The group currently controls much of south-central Somali regions and large parts of the lawless capital Mogadishu.

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