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AQIM : Interview: Sheikh Abu Abd Al-Ilah Ahmed AQIM
Posted by Admin on 2009/5/3 18:40:00 (9893 reads) News by the same author




Interview of the Media Committee with Sheikh: Abu Abd Al-Ilah Ahmed

[The President of the Political Committee of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb]

Q1: Let's start this interview blessed inchaAllah by discussing the

political committee of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb, more precisely

the date of its creation, and the tasks it has delegated?

R1: In the name of Allah The Merciful, The Most Gracious, and


pray on our master Muhammad and on his family, and

his companions, for the following:

Taking account of developments in the Jihad in the field, both

internally and externally, the implementation of a genuine political project

become essential, and in this sense was the committee created

policy following the enlarged meeting of the Advisory Board

the organization held on November 2006. About its mission: it

been summarized in several points, the most important are:

The followed by major political events.

The study and analysis of the seine domestic and foreign policy.

Establish reports, guidelines and advice for the Emirates

the organization to help the decision-making and development

appropriate plans.

Weaving communication links and cooperation with all

children of the Ummah who work for the return of the Caliphate

path of the prophets.

Stream political consciousness among the Mujahideen.

Q2: Two years have passed today on your support for Al Qaeda:

qu'avezvous carried out during this period? And how évaluezvous

developments in the battle between you and your enemies within and


R2: Yes, two or more years have passed after our rally, two

years that brought us the good and blessing. Our biggest

achievements, praise be to Allah, was transferring its Battle of

territorial dimension to a regional and a global membership, after

Change visceral political alliance of the global fight Islam

which annihilates all national confrontation. The organization has merged

in the system of global Jihad, which made the front of the Islamic Maghreb

the fight against the total cross international alliance, with the

Maghrib in the Islamic world. Added to this exploit, others were


On the military side, we struck the enemy on these lands and have broken

his arrogance, and every day, the lions of the Atlas to suffer defeat after


On the political front, the organization is supported by

the Islamic Ummah in the Maghreb, as the influx of young

neighboring countries on the land of Ribat and Jihad in Algeria, while

apostate regimes suffer from a high isolation in the popular media.

Anyway, the project is only the beginning, and requires the input of

honest people of knowledge and experience that is consistent with

the objective of our Ummah bienaimée to recover its status as a leader

humanity to save the modes (of governance) and the corrupt

greed of capitalism that is at the end of roll, after

led the world to the brink of the abyss.

Q3: Some doubts about your development of a territorial (GSPC) to

a regional organization (Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb) affirming

that a transformation of form which was not a mere change

appellation that répondezvous to that?

R3: Yes, we heard some repeat these bullshit denied

by the reality and logic, because the prospect of Mujahideen visavis

the conflict is no longer the same, as is the strategy adopted since the

first council after accession (Al Qaeda) is different from that followed by the

time of the GSPC, and tactics on the ground, the list of objectives and

priorities, and even the leadership of the organization, as brothers

Islamic Maghreb immigrants were admitted into the Advisory Board

of the organization, a first in 14 years. It was therefore 4 changes

important answer to the doubts expressed. An honest observer of

Jihadist journey since the GSPC, accession, and the days have

monitoring, see without a doubt a substantial change that does

denying a stubborn, a hateful ignorant or deceived by the cons

the enemy. And I am definitely in mind an important point it should include:

These are apostates in Algeria who sowed the first doubts this, and until

now continue and persist in their claim through, first

their official statements, and through a second of their relays

media and some newspapers are affiliated with services


Even we have been informed by reliable sources that

apostates have imposed on the press to use in processing information

regarding the Jihad, the former name, ie "Group of Salafiste

Preaching and Combat, "and several pseudo journalist executed the

desire apostates, which is below the work of journalist.

How Can we call a jihadist organization, other than its name

official announcement, just to satisfy the Ministry of Interior? N'estce

not the imposture and compromise repugnant to manipulate public opinion


Apostates know the extent of support for the organization of the Ummah of Islam after joining Al Qaeda,

they (apostates) are aware of the danger posed by the Organization In Al Qaeda Islamic Maghreb with its current name and its new

strategy, which is why they try in vain to sow doubt and this obligations of the media as a former name

desperate attempt to assuage the discomfort that was short and they do were not prepared.

Q4: the organization's policy in the Maghreb Islamic suitelle

line General of the parent organization or estelle independent?

R4: Islam, my brother, frees the mind and body, creates the Jihad

Engineering and invention, is an Al Qaeda University of Jihad and a source

inspiration, and he who does not equate these dimensions can not

understand the methodology of Al Qaeda is like a tree whose fruit

roots are Khourasan (Afghanistan) and whose branches offer

the shade to more and more Muslims in the rest of the lands of Islam,

branches which burn all the unbelievers and the hypocrites they reach

order to purify all the lands of Islam in Andalusia until


To answer your question: Yes, as long as we are a branch of

this organization, it is natural that our policy is part of the

own, the complete, the supports and follows the same line. All

Mujahideen of the whole earth had one and the same policy, and their

positions are consistent and are not contradictory; secrecy throughout

this is it (the policy) is built on the same basis, and developed

from the same source: the Quran and Sunnah in accordance with the understanding

of the Salaf of the Ummah. But it does not preclude a degree of independence

in the treatment of such a specific company or a country, which

is not in itself evidence of inconsistency with the general or

outline of the organization.

Q5: How expliquezvous, then the rise of some critics who says that your organization, focusing on

the enemy within, is not in line with the guidance of Al Qaeda Mother

well as some of your opponents confirm that Sheikh Osama bin

Laden himself is not satisfied with your policy?

R5: These are just nonsense, lies and slander that

fall within the framework of the campaign waged against us by

feathers mercenaries, because the separation of the internal enemy and the enemy

outside should not be time to fight this crusade Islam because

disbelief is a single entity, theoretically speaking, and at the

practice, the question is subject to several other military

tactics, etc .... And the Mujahideen to join the Islamic Maghreb

privileges to fight the enemy and the enemy inside and outside by

specificity of their countries and their experiences. And regarding our Sheikh and

our dear Emir, the Lion of Islam Sheikh Osama Bin Laden - May

Allah protect:

we benefit from its support and its support and we

challenge those who claim that our sheikh is not satisfied with our

policy report a single word that proves the truth of their claims.

Q6: Your enemies incessantly repeat that you are lacking

perspective or project organizational, political, social, and economic

what is the degree of truth?

R6: Arabs say in saying "It threw me was wrong and his

fled. This adage is the supporters of his remarks, the secular

enemies of Islam and their followers, they are chauvessouris

who hate light, that same fear, and only continues to exist only in

dark atmospheres. Indeed, it is a charge labeled to Islam and

to all those who call for the application of the Shariah of the Merciful

since the fall of the Caliphate of Islam, because Islam does not, in their

false allegations, solutions for contemporary societies that

experiencing an unprecedented scientific developments, and as such, is not

suitable for the basis of an Arab or Islamic state that would emerge from the

phase of poverty and underdevelopment

to become a power economic and military at the same level as that of Western countries

"Developed" as they claim. Refute this accusation is based several points:

The first: We can return the question: And you, what

your project? N'avezvous not tested in Algeria and elsewhere all

ground theories, eastern futelles or western, and have failed

in all areas of life: so well in governance in the

law, jurisprudence, economics, etc .... Why craignentils

Islam and not allow anyone to test it?

The second: If they really believe that we do not have a

project or company, why do we laissentils not arrive at

able to demonstrate to our people and for failure thereof

see our failure and we drop, and so they end up

with us very quickly and at lower cost.

The third: The experience of the Taliban in Afghanistan, that of

courts (Islamic) in Somalia and the Islamic State in Iraq,

fussentelles as short, prove that the Mujahideen can

by applying the Shariah and with the minimum of resources, reform

corrupt situations, eliminate the injustice and devastation experienced

our Ummah, restoring religious values, good morals and ethics of Islam, spread justice, security, reunite

the ranks, encouraging ambition and guide people in the

bannièrre of "There god but Allah and Mohammed is His

prophet "on one end, which is the triumph of religion

and governance according to His (Allah) legislation to get rid of

all forms of polytheism, heresy and injustice that are

people a pious life and get rid of this unhealthy life.

Here are the three points in response to the charge; however: when

cleanse the house from the defilement of ignorance, which corrupts the life and

religion, everyone, ally and enemy know our programs and

methodologies focused on Islam and nothing but Islam, the time came, the evil

Seeing clearly the tree will flower of Islam in the shadow of the state

of Islam that will host the oppressed Muslims and to make honest

Scientists place which is theirs, and feed the needy, and raise the orphan

and fight the Jihad by the wicked and hypocrites.

Q7: Algeria has experienced the April 9 presidential elections past

characterized by Bouteflika's candidacy for a third term

after a constitutional amendment that pensezvous

these elections and how commentezvous


A7: In fact, discuss presidential elections in Algeria Us

back to discuss the nature of the apostate system itself,

which is a mixture of military and political affiliates, philosophically,

Behavioral and historically to the occupier and its french

opponent in recent years, the United States, therefore, the results

came to fulfill the wish of these circles, far from it all

fair competition, not to mention the concept of perversion of the concept of

democracy and his heresy. We can not talk as the choice of

the Ummah for a particular president, the Muslim people because it is considered

by his criminal tyrants immature a populace, in short, people

Muslims are the eyes of these apostates as slaves or without weights

consideration. Thus, it does not exist in Algeria or in other countries

Islamic Maghreb a president came to this position after a vote

universal, a thought and a precise battle partisan, and Bouteflika was

an example in this sense, since history has not recorded any

political presence, or philosophical contribution during twenty years of wandering

nightclubs in Europe and the Golf, and it is the surprise of all

world that was convened by the military, recommended by the American

to enthrone to the head of the Ummah.

These elections are an aspect of tyranny suffered by the Ummah by the

strength of iron and fire and law for a long time, and you saw

Bouteflika how misled the Ummah and has played and the constitution

to achieve its goal of appropriating the power and finally

to establish a monarchy in Algeria. The rigging and fraud began

well before the election, in fact, the property of people and their

rights, they were long deprived, were released a few days

before the elections to win their sympathy and urge them to vote

for him, he pours out the debts of farmers, increased scholarship

students, the Ministry of Interior registered members of the Army

polytheistic and equipment safe in centers of nearby their workplace well before the decree a state of extreme

emergency to allow them to vote, and to ensure, so their

vote. They linked the maintenance of Wali and heads of their Daira post

the successful candidate of the military and secret services, preferred

U.S.. And even sporting events have not been spared, since they

took advantage of the joy of the supporters of football clubs and have done

go for a joy supporters of outdated Moussaylima the liar

for this strange triumph, to compensate for the low

participation and the refusal of people to play in this setting mal seine


Q8: Is that Bouteflika has other tours in his bag to push the

Mujahideen to lay down their arms?

A8: Bouteflika will not stop ruser against Islam and of plotting

against the Mujahideen, and based its policy on the tricks and

fourberies to weaken the Mujahideen, but these

know well, praise be to Allah, the disbelievers schemes and the nature of

apostate leaders. Bouteflika is a ring in the chain of

servility and treachery, and soon, despite his arrogance, and despite the

support of his teachers at the Elysee Palace and the White House in

join his predecessors in the dustbin of history, cursed by

generations and generations. Because it is aware of the failure of his

policy, something that has officially recognized in one of his speeches,

he knows that Muslims in Algeria reject all that relates to that

apostate regime, they reject his third term;

this is in the interest of the Mujahideen inchaAllah. And this is

deception of Allah against this tyrant "... So complotaientils

But God thwarted all their plots, because God control all stratagems. "

(Surah Al-Anfal - The spoils of war, verse 30). Because time has

always been in favor of Jihad and Mujahideen, and that's why

that the problem of Bouteflika with the Organization of Al Qaeda In

Islamic Maghreb is more complicated than it was yesterday, with the

GSPC and inchaAllah it tomorrow even more complicated.

Q9: The major event that has been conveyed these joursci

by the Algerian secret is the reporting by Hassan Hattab and his companions to

through the London daily Al Hayet, how observezvous

this unprecedented media output of these elements that have abandoned the

road of jihad?

A9: In truth, we expected this for a long time, this

is but the application, word for word, the instructions of their masters

crossed, because, as you know, the last trick designed by geniuses

the leader of the world and its disbelief study centers as RAND

or center studies ProcheOrient Washington, to combat

the jihadist movement by the so-called "moderate" who

Allah reveals his prophet this is part of a plan to use those

abandoned the road of jihad, pseudo repentants victim of discord,

puissentils save the sick in which they drown after

exhausted by the war and failing to achieve the Zionist dream

Crusaders in the region. This method is doomed to failure, with the

permission of Allah, and the end of those who attend as defeatist

Hattab will be similar to those of their predecessors: Rabbani, Sayed

Imam, Madani Mezrag, and Ben Aicha, Etc .... : Evil, remorse, and

a double loss: religion and present life. May Allah preserve us from

apostasy after faith. The example "Hattab" is mortné despite

media coverage of this to today, some newspapers,

because, quite simply, Hattab receives no influence and

no respect among the Mujahideen, they are even in their eyes, and

for years, a traitor who sells his life for this one.

The Mujahideen were not followed and heard of his repentance,

because it is a "non event" for them. Early in the fall of

Hattab, there are five years that the enemy was believed to fall on a big booty

instrumentalized he can to disperse the ranks of the Mujahideen

and sow discord among them, especially since the latter

(Hattab) they were believe, falsely, that he always had an influence and a

moral authority on the Mujahideen. But after the five-year

repugnant whose mission it was charged, that of trying to convince the

Maximum Mujahideen by the idea of surrender, he came out empty-handed,

and the secret services have thus realized that this big booty

is in fact a traitor who abandoned or does well or poorly,

which led to change their plan and be content with this setting seine

media, which we have no nuisance, inchallah.

Q10: Who do you think is behind ceuxla ? And what visentils ?

A10: Of course it is the intelligence services, but

Bouteflika himself and the presidency of the republic and that fuel

behind the campaign, and their objectives are clear:

1Tromper the Mujahideen and raise doubts Jihad.

2Dissuader the support of the Ummah Mujahideen.

3Décourager young people to overcome the phenomenon of recruitment.

4légitimer governance leaders apostates.

5Faire pass this sick and corrupt for a powerful and just.

11 Q: This companion peutelle have an impact on the morale of troops

and urge them to join? What estil the degree of truth of

information provided that the appeal has brought these Hattab

fruits, and the first date and the alleged surrender of the Emir of

phalanx Ansar Al: Amin Abu Tamim?

11 R: Actually, I doubt it, because the Mujahideen, praise be to Allah,

are experienced and know how to make a difference between true and false. The

Hattab traitor is hated by the Mujahideen and its image is tarnished

among them. The Mujahideen in Algeria have experienced misfortune and

tests that are older, by their scale, the youngest, and (the 

Mujahideen), praise be to Allah, true to their principles for which

they neglected aspects of the present life. Point they were not disturbed,

throughout their jihad, the beat down those who

abandoned Jihad in the way of Allah. Instead, each

test had a lot of gifts, and Allah brought after each crisis,

largesse, and for that all companies which successive apostates

aim to keep moudjahiddines the way of Allah, will lead,

undoubtedly a failure, with the permission of Allah. About

"rendition" of our brother Abu Tamim Amin - May Allah

Liber - echoing the call for Hattab, these are just pure lies,

and we have previously published a denial of this brainwashing, in fact,

the brother was arrested following a trip by car, and

handling of this event by apostates in order to get

for one of the fruit of reporting Hattab is a proof of

premature failure of the campaign, may Allah be praised.

Q 12: Penszvous Bouteflika that further rounds in his bag?

12 R: You know my brother, the series of war between good and

evil does not stop, and the cunning of mécréanse working night and day, so

we do not rule out a new plan for the Mousaylima liar, especially

after being guaranteed the presidency. The route of the robber taken from

justice, his personality accustomed to deceit and trickery, his

turning against the men of the FIS and its evasion visavis

its commitment to the idiots of the AIS, lead us to predict

more shots of him on the arc of the sly Reconciliation

using a side of Fuqaha (scholar) navies as it was the case

with Qardawi, Al Bouti, Al Qarni Aaidh ... etc.. And using, a

other side as defeatist traitors Hattab to combat Mujahideen obdurate.

His recent statements and I quote "The occupation has been more lenient than

terrorism ", added to his previous betrayals like

the opening of offices of the CIA and FBI in our country, we

lead to provide more and more servile to the french and

U.S. alliance with them, serving their interests and agreeing to

their war against Jihad and the Mujahideen.

Q 13: Venonsen Now the situation inside the country, which is

catastrophic on all fronts. Concentronsnous on the phenomenon

11 of social turmoil, and the recurrence of acts of vandalism,

clashes and protests from Muslim people throughout

wilayas the reaction of the government is importing more than

20,000 sticks is famous, but what is your position and conseillezvous

your Muslim brothers?

R 13: Indeed, the phenomenon is a protest upsurge in Algeria, but it is far from being pathological, in

contrary, especially since the country fell into the deep abyss of

Government and chaos manager repend injustice and

widespread corruption in all its aspects: ethics, politics and

financial. Organizations that had mission control and

accounts abandoned their mission, as did the earlier

political parties, the elected assembly, and all the players in what is

called civil society, and were all involved in this crisis and

participants in this corruption, it was only natural, if not

essential in this context might, in laisseraller

and the large tear between the governing and the governed, that the Ummah

moves and take responsibility for reform and

change. Which generate these movements that were sometimes

organized, sometimes scattered, large or small, but

each reveal the feelings of raslebol and effervescence and

indicates the existence of a genuine and authentic reproduction of an uprising

total and final against the injustice and the unjust, and regain their rights

hands of these thieves criminals, we can only bless and

encourage this kind of upheaval that we consider a

form to order the good and forbid evil. We hope that

the Ummah will not abandon this kind of protest, and will continue to

this path without bending or discouragement fusse whatever the degree of

repression, because repression there will be with the gang apostate who does

no solutions for the problems of the country, and how peuventils

in have when they are the source and origin of problems and any

evil, because this repression will ultimately fuel the increase,

ignite and spread, by force of Allah, these movements.

14 Q: Coming back to your position concerning the events experienced

recently the world, especially in Gaza, Quelen

was your feeling and your point of view?

R 14: Listen my brother, the Mujahideen are the worthy children

the Ummah, they are more sensitive to what is happening for good or evil,

to what is beneficial or harmful, there is no basis, therefore,

exclaim if they are always at the forefront in all its

battles, supporting its causes, and sacrificing in this way that they all

have, what happened in Gaza is one of the great defeat of the Ummah,

and it is evident that the Mujahideen in our governing body and there

soul and live with all their sentiments, I say without exaggeration

that the events in Gaza have taken precedence over all other

events and information. The same all Muslims - like

we have seen in the demonstrations - which the émirent

same desire and enrolled in their minds the same wish: to participate

one day to the liberation of Al Quds (Jerusalem), but know that it does

will be after the release of Rabat, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Nouakchott

and Cairo, as apostates are to avantpostes

defense of the Jews, they are the protectors of the Zionist entity, and the main obstacle to the

Liberation of Palestine. We take this opportunity to comfort

our brothers in Palestine, especially Gaza, the symbol of the recklessness and

the amourpropre, we say: Your blood is ours, and the blood of

your children and the blood of ours, so the blood to the blood and

destruction for destruction. By Allah, if we find a

way to you, none of us would have delayed, but we

you promise to revenge and revenge all the Muslims of each

Jewish and every cross that we have nearby.

Q15: Croyezvous that the decision to close the Israeli embassy in

Mauritania was made following pressure from you on the status

mauritanien or estelle

due to other reasons?

R 15: Dear brother, we are part of our Umma bienaimée,

We welcome that the satisfaction and we are pained by what the

sentence, it is inconceivable that the descendants of Tariq Ibn Zyad and

Yusuf Ibn Tachafin may accept a Jewish presence on their land,

that is why our heroes have attacked the embassy of the Zionists, the

Mohammed AdDourra executioners and his brothers, is what awakens

aware of the free spirits, and pushed the people of faith and the

jealousy among the scholars of Mauritania and his pious son, and their

pressures were added to the threats of their brothers Mujahideen and

the result was the exclusion of the Zionists and the permanent closure of their

Embassy, efforts to be pursued inchallah. And if the state

Mauritania had learned and was relieved of this burden, other countries

Islamic Maghreb continues to maintain strong and diverse

relations with Jews, which requires a duplication of efforts to

rid our nations of the hegemony of the Jews and to liberate their

great influence and interference in the affairs of our country's

levels: political, security, and economic. No one can deny the influence

that the Jewish community in Morocco at the royal palace, as

indicates the number of Jews whose advice the king was surrounded, but

also infiltration of all institutions sensitive realms is

also the case for Tunisia, which has officially recognized the existence

Tunis of a trade office in Israel. We can not accept

Mujahideen as far as this situation and will continue to

fight to liberate our land from one end of any influence or

Jewish presence futelle or Nazarene. It is a promise we made

vowed to keep visavis Allah We implorarnt him all the exhilarating

help us keep that promise, he is the best support.

Q 16: How commentezvous developments in Sudan caused by the decision of the International Criminal Court?

16 R: Actually, what is happening in Sudan is part of the plot plan by the alliance to cross itself and crumble in Muslim countries

exploiting the religious minorities, ethnic and cultural method

previously enabled them to secession of East Timor

Indonesia, Kurdistan of Iraq, southern Sudan and its north and

are now separate Darfur from Sudan to plunder its

wealth. If the silence continues Muslims, the disbelievers

advance further in their plans, they will cut our land in parcels, and

swallow one after another. This leaves the people of Sudan

Muslim to prepare to fight the crusaders not to

none in the apostate government that is not better than the

regime of Saddam and his army was defeated and retired to the built

first confrontation with the U.S. occupation, only believers

among the Iraqi people and Muslim immigrants resisted their brothers

and sacrificed their lives and their money, and continues to push

the occupier and its agents treacherous apostates.

Q 17: To close, have you a final massage to send?

R 17: In this critical and historic change is a sensitive heavy

impact of the crusade on our Muslim Ummah in general and

our Islamic Maghreb, it is our duty to challenge

and honestly, we try to judge us before we judge

(by Allah), and advise that before one is punishing.

O my Ummah bienaimée, Islam and democracy are two religions

different from the other two modes of life which does not cover,

dismoi My Ummah, by Allah, how peuxtu

accept a religion forged by the enemies prepared, based on impulses and moods

and how you share a religion against your prophet - that

prayers of Allah and His salvation be upon him - revealed from heaven with a gift

Allah and a choice. My Ummah bienaimée,

qu'esttu become a century after the fall of

Caliphate? Qu'astu harvested after delivery, the last fifty years, your

lead to the democracy judéocroisée ? George Washington did demandaitil not your friends? Do t'envoyaitil

not gifts hoping your permission, for the passage of commercial vessels to the Mediterranean?

Europe can you payaitelle no toll, humiliated, in the ignominious

hooves of your horse? Why you voisje become easy prey to

each miscreant traitor? Your port is locked to their fleets, your land

the basis for their armies, your capital a haven for spies and their

fields for their experience, and your honor to reach their perverse.

O Ummah bienaimée, not fustu not a day the home of lions and

School conquering heroes, led by the leader of Justice and

Jihad, then why voisje Tareq a singer, who was mujaheed

conqueror, an ignorant buffoon Youssouf traitor or spy, who was a

Imam Mujahid, a worshiper of Allah, and an ascetic leader, a Oukba

robber robber, who was an honest Hafidh resistant. Asturias

forgotten Andalusia? Tu t'es discouraged release Ceuta and Melilla, te

focusing on a phantom conflict in Western Sahara, whose son is

woven by the eminence grise cross France and Spain, a conflict

instrumentalized by the leader as an apostate register

trade to export domestic problems and soothe the pot

social boiling. You helped apostate leaders in their war

against your son Mujahideen who were outraged by jealousy for your

religion, your prestige and your strength spent, as if you have used,

my Ummah to humiliation and refused to cover as your strength and your

dignity. But do not worry my Ummah, since despite the evil and

enemies you remain as a rock solid, despite your lethal arrows

we remain your faithful children. O Ummah bienaimée,

Is it not the time to end this mislaying, throwing the clothes of the humiliation and ignominy, a

sincere return under the shadow of Islam: in terms of the doctrine of

behavior, preaching Jihad, the alliance (with

believers) and rejection (of the unbelievers), as we continue to expect your

hand, despite the past, a glimmer of good and a breath of life, if any time

you are sincere in your willingness and good faith.

O Ummah bienaimée, dominate the world and nations is not a dream

pink bed in a well-supplied, rocked by a song in a suave

subdued atmosphere of a happy home, but had to sacrifice, to give

of person, and pay the most precious blood vessel because the

Islam n'appareillera on his river, as was the case previously.

Apply Sharia is not a gift from a tyrran, but

and the endurance tests, as to defy the enemies will not happen without

head cut and shredded body. "Espérezvous

without access to Paradise have been tested as were those who came before you? They

experienced misfortunes and calamities, have been shaken by adversity

to the point that their prophet and his followers came to be

asking: "when will the help of the Lord?" Certainly, the rescue

God is always near! "(Surah Al Baqara - The Cow, verse 214)

O Allah puissetu support Islam and Muslims, O Allah faisles

return to their religion and way of their prophet - that the prayers

Allah and His salvation be upon him, O Allah puissetu

support Mujahideen from east to west, O Allah aviseles

plans for their enemies in order to thwart them by unifying their ranks as

banner of Tawhid (monotheism) and honest leaders of Jihad.

At the end I would say to my Muslim brothers that we prefer

raising camels in Baghdad in the service of Abu Omar Al Baghdadi --

may Allah protect him, Kabul or in the service of our sheikhs

Osama and Mullah Omar - may Allah protect them,

and Somalia In Sheikh Abu Mansur - may Allah protect him,

or the In Islamic Maghreb Sheikh Abu Abd Al Mos'ab Wadouda that

raising pigs in Sarkozy or Obama, or to be slaves

apostates who raise their pigs. And our last prayer: Praise be to Allah

Lord of the Universe.


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