How The News Actually Works; Today’s Breaking News Were Mostly Yesterday’s Happenings But Will Always Be Tomorrow’s Old News

The news can be a very strange kind of business to be writing about.  With the Internet and Online news media outlets, we get our news immediately and it is updated regularly.  In the not so far back past, the news worked a bit different.

What happened today will be breaking news in tomorrow mornings newspapers and broadcast news.  And by the next day, it will be old news.  You cannot print or broadcast something that did not happen yet, and you cannot predict the news.  You had to wait until it happened even if it is supposed to be a sure thing.

News that caught the eye in 2018:

31ST January 2018 – Oscars Race:  Only one movie stands out in the race for best film; “Phantom Thread” might not be chosen for best technical craft, abstract emotion or artistic merit, but purely for its political correctness.

02nd February 2018 – Russia offers tourists spacewalks.  The International Space Station has been in orbit around the world for 19 years.  Organised trips to the Space Station can reinvigorate space tourism.

02nd February 2018 – Two Helicopters crash in the South of France.  At least five people were killed when two military helicopters, belonging to a military flight training school, collided in mid-air.

03rd February 2018 – Abby, a dog that wandered off from her home 10 years ago, returned home, healthy, and well-fed.  She still comes when called on her name.

03rd February 2018 – Cape Town drought hurts tourism.  The dams supplying water to Cape Town are at their lowest capacity, some less than 20% capacity and the restrictions do not apply only to the residents.  Tourists are asked to shower less than two minutes and not to use baths.

The news includes anything that is news-worthy, anything that is the concern of citizens all over the world, sports and social events, accidents, earthquakes, tornados and droughts, and much more.

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