Not Sleeping Enough? How Do Sleep Influence Productivity?

Sleep is important for learning.  While sleeping your brain files and stores away everything you learned throughout the day.  All the information that you gathered from whatever source, are neatly packed away, making room for tomorrow’s new things.

Another way of looking at this is that your brain cleans itself while you sleep.  Filing and storing the information you had acquired, as well as cleaning away all the waste products that accumulate during the day.  Waste products can be things like metabolites and soluble proteins.

Your brain does the storing and cleaning only when you sleep.

Why Lack of Sleep has an Influence on Productivity:

  1. Difficult to Concentrate: You will find it more difficult to concentrate on the things you need to learn and accomplish when you did not get enough sleep.  This will slow your productivity levels and the speed in which you can finish a given task.
  2. Prone to making more Mistakes: When you do not feel on top of your game, you will find it more difficult to perform tasks that are normally no problem.  A sleepless night can increase the number of errors made in anything you do, whether it is sports or studying or concentrating on work projects.
  3. Easily Distracted: Tasks that require your attention will be affected; you might find yourself feeling sleepy or thinking of other things.  Your mind can be floating somewhere free, while you find yourself half asleep in front of whatever you are trying to accomplish.
  4. Getting Headaches: Studies showed that a lack of sleep can definitely trigger a headache and even be the trigger for migraines.  It is very difficult to stay productive and focused if you are suffering from a headache.

Sleeping enough can prove to be the easiest way to improve your productivity and performance during the day.  During sleep your brain files and stores away what you need and cleans off the waste.  Afterwards, it prepares itself for receiving new information in the morning.

Without these actions, only happening while you sleep, you might have to face the new day with a brain like a cluttered desk.  Everything is there but you cannot find it, you cannot remember where you put anything and it leaves you stressed out and even more exhausted.

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