Useful Tools

To be able to provide people with the freshest, the most interesting news for the moment, the now news, you need to know how to gather that news.  You need to know where to look, how to listen and when to ask questions.  In order to enable us to do it right, we use helpful tools, ways that will help with finding the right news, the best news, the news everyone is waiting for.

Links to Useful Tools:


You will find relevant content to accelerate your research into the news stories and events you are interested in.  You can get started on for free.

Storyful MultiSearch Extension

You can quickly track a breaking news event from one social- platform to another, without too much clicking or leaving your browser.  This is also a free service.


Use Picodash to explore and search Social-media platforms to find breaking news stories posted by people.  You will have access to the exact time and location that the news broke.


With Pipl you can find that person behind the phone number, behind the e-mail address or social media username; the person that will know the story behind the news story.

Gathering news to publish or broadcast is an ongoing task.  To stay on top of breaking news happening, social events, sports meetings, etc. you need to constantly have feedback from as many different areas that you can manage.  To accomplish this we need all the help and tools we can get.