Summer travel trends: Top places to visit in India in 2023

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Title: Summer Travel Trends: Top Places to Visit in India in 2023


The allure of India as a travel destination is undeniable. From its rich heritage and cultural diversity to its vibrant landscapes and bustling cities, there’s something for every traveler. As we look forward to the summer of 2023, we’ve identified some of the most exciting travel trends and destinations that should be on your India travel itinerary.

1. Rediscovering the Himalayan Serenity

Leh-Ladakh: The Land of High Passes

Leh-Ladakh, often referred to as the ‘Land of High Passes’, is a destination that never fails to captivate visitors with its surreal landscapes. This region, located in the Indian Himalayas, is known for its breathtaking vistas of snow-capped mountains, serene monasteries, and pristine blue lakes.

In 2023, the trend is to explore Leh-Ladakh’s less-traveled paths. Adventurous travelers are venturing into the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, home to rare wildlife species like the Snow Leopard and Tibetan Wild Ass, or taking the road less traveled to Turtuk, the northernmost village of India, offering a unique blend of Balti culture and untouched natural beauty.

Himachal Pradesh: The Abode of Snow

Himachal Pradesh, another Himalayan state, offers a refreshing retreat from the summer heat. Known for its picturesque hill stations like Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala, it’s a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

The trend for summer 2023 in Himachal is immersive experiences. Travelers are choosing homestays over hotels to experience the local culture first-hand, participating in local festivals, and indulging in farm-to-table dining experiences.

2. Embracing the Coastal Charm

Goa: The Beach Paradise

Goa, India’s smallest state, is a perennial favorite amongst domestic and international travelers. Known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and Portuguese-inspired architecture, Goa offers a unique blend of Indian and European cultures.

The 2023 trend in Goa is sustainable tourism. Travelers are opting for eco-friendly accommodations, participating in beach clean-ups, and exploring the state’s rich biodiversity through bird-watching tours and visits to spice plantations.

Kerala: God’s Own Country

Kerala, located on the southwestern coast of India, is another must-visit destination. Its palm-lined beaches, tranquil backwaters, and lush tea gardens offer a rejuvenating retreat.

The trend for Kerala in 2023 is wellness tourism. The state’s ancient Ayurvedic treatments are attracting health-conscious travelers seeking holistic wellness. Yoga retreats, meditation centers, and Ayurvedic spas are increasingly popular.

3. Exploring the Cultural Tapestry

Rajasthan: The Land of Kings

Rajasthan, a state in northern India, is known for its rich cultural heritage. Its colorful cities, grand palaces, and formidable forts tell tales of its royal past.

The 2023 trend in Rajasthan is experiential travel. Travelers are exploring the state’s folk music and dance, traditional arts and crafts, and cuisine through interactive workshops and cultural shows.

Varanasi: The Spiritual Capital of India

Varanasi, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, is a spiritual hub. The city’s ghats, temples, and the sacred river Ganges hold deep religious significance.

The trend for Varanasi in 2023 is spiritual tourism. Travelers are immersing themselves in the city’s spiritual ambiance, attending the evening Ganga Aarti, and seeking inner peace through meditation and yoga sessions.


India, with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, offers an array of experiences for every traveler. Whether you seek adventure in the Himalayas, relaxation on the beaches, or a cultural immersion, India has it all. The 2023 summer trends highlight a shift towards sustainable, immersive, and wellness-focused travel, reflecting the evolving preferences of today’s global traveler. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the incredible wonders of India!


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